FireFall is finally ratcheting up its testing efforts by holding the very first public beta this weekend. Keep in mind this isn’t a full open beta but will allow you to at-least check out the game’s visually stunning world and crush some mutated bugs while you’re at it. Plus there will be no more character wipes, making this more of a head-start event of sorts.

The beta weekend is set to start on January 25th and will continue to January 27th. This is just the first of three open beta weekends, with FireFall creators Red5 holding exclusive open beta weekend events and prize contests for those that join in. The full beta weekend breakdown can be found on the game’s official site here.

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  1. stop it you made me laugh. ZhaoYun shoot me a friends invite its Sarcasm , I will show you around a bit we can do a little advance thumping get your t2 and pvp a bit sir.

  2. this game is fun i actually got to play it but i quit cause its boring alone and cause there aren’t a lot of quests to do for me it was a game to spend 1-2h alone walking around and shooting random stuff

  3. i send the invite to everyone’s email that commented. Necroshank it says that you have already been invited.also i only got 4 more

  4. Nice trailer. One of my favorite skills are the burn jets(0:55), but unfortunately i don’t play assault much. I like the fact they went for actual gameplay for trailer, i prefer it over those cinematic trailers(even though they look cool).

    P.S.: this is not the first open beta weekend for Firefall

  5. Mounted!
    got like 10 beta invites. first 10 people too comment on my comment will get a invite. rufinus1993(at)hotmail(dot)com put ur email like that so u wont get block


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