After what some might call a rocky start for Red 5 Studios and their MMOFPS / MMOTPS Firefall, things might be looking up for the developers and their future plans with the game. Upon entering into share purchase agreements with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., $23 Million was set aside for the project.

Even after some associated criticism of the games formal budget costs, CEO James Macauley seems optimistic about the new investment, stating “This additional round of funding will offer us the means to execute on our plan for successfully launching Firefall in 2014. This is the year Firefall takes flight. The entire Red 5 tribe is focused on creating top quality content that will take Firefall to the next level and we are excited for this next stage of development.”

Now that the financial burden has been lifted, it is expected for Firefall to see a few more advances in their story campaign, among some other enhancements before the soon-to-be official release.

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  1. I played this game for a decent amount of time and let me tell that time playing it was very painful i had to push myself to play this game. The only reason i pushed myself to play firefall is cause like most of you say it seems promising and “could be” one of the best mmofps out there, however it just seems to go nowhere. I liked the addon system and such im kind of an addon guy. However crafting is just one huge way of grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding and ….. well u get the idea grinding to get gear upgrades and such. And after all that, what does that leave you? More grinding. No real objective here really.

  2. $10, $10,000 or $10,000,000,000 will -not- save an already dead game.
    The largest player boon MMOs receive is when they’re brand spanking new. They gain or lose population based on how well launch goes.

    Firefall is dead, at least to english speakers. Maybe it’ll sell in China but I doubt it.

  3. I’m real picky about games especially MMO’s now I really dont think many are real good I’m just waiting on ESO and Everquest but I tried this and liked. I think this could really be something special if done right

  4. The game is good, not perfect but very good. With the new milestone a lot of things will change; specially with the start of the main storyline campaign (with will give a better “direction” for the game and a clear objective to the players i hope). The best free 2 play game for sure (to those who like FPS+MMORPG). Ill wait to see this new milestone working in the live server to agree or not if the 23Mil is wasted or not. For now cool game, it was better before i agree but still cool.

  5. I beta tested this and and bought the founder pack for it (75$). The game was fun starting out , but then got really boring later on. If they add survival elements to it like in mine-craft then it should live.

  6. Here’s my experience from playing it, also taking into consideration that it is f2p. This game is not very new user friendly and barely explains anything, It has a good amount of lenghty tutorial vids but you shouldn’t have to watch a plethora of videos to even comprehend what’s going on. I think they could have simplified everything much more without dumbing it down. While playing I had absolutely no idea of why I was doing what I did and it was dull. It lacks so much gameplay wise. It needs instances, events, storyline… Life. The graphics and environments are stunning though (This playing with a gtx 770m), the world has great variation. The combat is fun, especially as an engineer imo. But sadly that doesn’t make up for it. It needs help.

  7. The game is pretty boring now. It’s either tampering or grinding a lot of experience for an upgrade… All this time, it feels like the developers are lost and don’t have a clean idea of what they are actually trying to achieve. What a waste of $23 Million.

  8. Warframe did a much better job of the grind/craft driven shooter gameplay. Firefall doesn’t seem to have a clean direction. I thought they did, till they announced they would be cutting PVP.

    • Not sure what you mean. Warframe is super boring, painful reward system, very unbalanced, all the planets are super easy because I spend all levels without dying. I stop playing warframe. Now game Firefall.

  9. There is no real saving Firefall unless they literally bring down the house and remake it from the ground up because the framework and core gameplay of the game is just boring. Crafting is borked and there doesn’t seem to be a overall goal or objective to the game. I do wish that 20+ mill goes to some use patching up a already sinking ship.

  10. @Ajvm

    Well, then make some friends.


    People like you complain about games that are not original, uninspiring. You get one put right into your lap, completely free to play, and you start whining that it’s not good enough?

    Please just leave. You’re almost as stupid as Merkadis (one of the dumbest members we have here).

  11. Now see how quick 23 Mio get burned Defiance is much better than boring thumpering, the events are boring to and PvP was totally unbalanced so they closed it. This game will never be ready.

    • lol seriously ? defiance is boring compared to firefall, the events are boring, the quests are lame, the dialogue are cringe worthy, and the playerbase are decreasing as time passes. That game will never be worthy of a long-term playthrough

  12. great gameplay, random dinamic events, but none visible goals – need much more work on focused content like instance and battlefields

  13. I’ll wait for another gameplay review when it’s live as to whether it’s worth downloading to try again…..wasn’t enough game variety when I last tried (which was a long time ago mind)

      • I have a 3 years old computer and I can even run it on the lowest settings. It might not blow my PC, but still I can’t run it smoothly as when I started playing. red5 needs to do some major optimizations.


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