Fortnite Update Comes With A Two Week-Long Challenge


Possibly in honor of the game’s name, Epic Games has decided that they’d like to see if players can make it through a fortnight-long Storm. Fortnite‘s latest update introduced the “Survive the Storm” challenge, which asks players to survive 14 long nights in the game. As one might expect, you’ll need to go out and gather all the supplies you can during the day, because those zombies will be coming out at night.

To accompany the new mode, the development team is also introducing Mutant Storms. These Storms apply modifiers to husks and heroes, giving them each their own kind of boosts. Husks may become faster, stronger, and even able to heal other husks when they die. Player’s will receive boosts to weapons, speed, and abilities.

In addition to the above, the update adds new weapons, heroes, animations, and even a new monster. It also makes improvements to the user experience. A full rundown on the update is available in the patch notes on the Epic Games site.



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