Edge Case Games is hard at work on their tactical space combat game, Fractured Space. While the game will see a full free to play release later this year, current access is restricted to Founder’s Packs purchasers and those lucky enough to snag a key somewhere or take part in a free access weekend.

This weekend, Fractured Space will be offering a free access weekend from today (April 17th) until Monday April 20th. If you take advantage of the free access, you’ll also unlock access to the game for you forever…or at least for as long as the game exists. The game’s Founder’s Packs will also be discounted by 25% this weekend in case you decide you want the extra goodies after playing the game a bit.

Fractured Space is team-based space combat fought in gigantic capital ships with the intensity of a shooter and the big-picture-thinking of a strategy game. Fractured Space is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access.

Fractured Space has also just released an update that adds in Squadron Combat (small ships that can be sent out of your capital ship to attack, defend, or board other ships), new ships, and new Presence Boosts.

If you check the game out, let us know what you think of it below!

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  1. I was waiting for this, MOBA in space, totally downlading it. And come tho think about it will be great competitor to Dreadnaught ^^

  2. it has nice graphics and quite nice, though it sorta makes me think of another game .. called star conflict. however this has much much better graphics and fights.

  3. As someone who has bought the harbinger pack and soon will be upgrading to the new released tier of founder, I am a HUGE fan of this game. Although it’s only in ALPHA (not sure why people say beta) with a lot of things currently missing, the game is a blast. Balance is pretty good too save for one specific ship which is slightly overpowered (Enforcer and the devs already said they got it in there sights) and the F2P model is very good, selling only cosmetics.

    Now some people HAVE experienced concern over these (poorly named, i give you that) “Premium” ships. FOR THE RECORD, these are not different ships, they’re essentially very expensive ship skins (Think the 30 dollar skins in LoL) that not only change the name of the ship but also completely change the asthetic and possibly even the sounds of the ship. They have the exact same options as the ship they were modeled from and provide NO bonuses beyond the credit/faction reward bonus which increases how much you get per game and is used to unlock ships and such..

    Which isn’t a big deal. Why? Cause currently you can unlock Tier 2 ships in 2-3 games and Tier 3 (current highest) in 4 games or so. Also another thing that is awesome, the ships are NOT balanced around the tiers. They’re balanced equally, the tier’s are more of a gating mech for the MORE DIFFICULT ships. Easiest ships to pilot in T1 with the very skilled based/hard to handle correctly type ships are in T3. 🙂


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