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Believe it or not the Free 2 Play Cast is closing in on their 1 year birthday, and it’s all because of YOU! To celebrate this milestone, on Sunday December 16th 2012 at 2:00 PM Eastern United States time we will be streaming the 2 hour birthday show on our Twitch channel.


  1. I see you are a Mayan Calander ” Fan Boy ” lmao, Since you used thier reference.
    I Sir, See your Mayan madness and raise you an I Ching.

    See Ya Tommorrow !


  2. Magicman+Damina+Sejiro+Brim+Selfius+Kahlyn….Still a better love story than twillight i am JUST SAYIN and cause me and magicman had some debets(or w/e its spelled)i will google to see what time is 2pm eastern in greece just for the heck of it 😛

  3. Magicman, what’s with the eharmony photo? (I kid, I kid… 😀 )
    Anyways, Looking forward to the show on Sunday. I got some questions and comments for the hosts when it goes live. Can I send them beforehand or do I do it when the show airs?

    • Same shot as in the ‘About Us” section 🙂 Actually it’s one of my acting headshots. Anyway, bring questions to the stream, there are two segments where we take viewer questions live with no answers prepped 🙂


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