I’m not sure what’s more unbelievable. A fan made Starcraft MMO mod making its way onto Kickstarter, the fact that Blizzard is actually letting them do it, or that it actually looks like it has a chance at succeeding.

Starcraft Universe knows what it is. It isn’t a AAA next-gen MMO, it’s a mod for Starcraft 2, but we’ve seen what a good mod can lead to. Like many other recent MMOs, Starcraft Universe will have players moving around in third person with a limited action bar of abilities. The game is also currently limited to 6 players per mod instance due to Starcraft 2 party size limitations.

But beyond those differences it does indeed share similarities to the RPG portion of an MMORPG, notably level and item progression. When players first join they can choose from multiple classes within the Terran and Protoss races, with Zerg unlocked if the project reaches its first stretch goal. Promises of vehicular combat, custom models, a unique storyline set in an alternative Starcraft universe, professional voice acting and an original soundtrack all make for a compelling argument in favor of the mod.

Upheaval is asking 80,000 to complete Starcraft Universe and will release it free for everyone. The funds will help pay for the continued development of new assets and Upheaval has included a graph to break down what money goes where. Blizzard has already gave Upheaval the greenlight to continue development, which means it’s all up to the gaming community to decide whether or not they want a Starcraft MMO in this form. Luckily for Upheaval, the team has already shown a lot of progress on the game over the last two years of development. They created quite a bit of buzz while doing so and have gained a large fanbase because of it.

A demo of the single-player beta is available now and will let you explore the game’s prologue. Should the game be completed all that will be required to play is the free starter edition of Starcraft 2, making Starcraft Universe completely F2P. Upheaval doesn’t intend to make money off of Starcraft Universe which is probably why Blizzard let them complete the project in the first place.

More details can be found on the Starcraft Universe Kickstarter page. I can’t help but feel the mod is a little too ambitious given the medium. Eighty grand seems like very little to develop an MMO, but at the same time quite a lot to develop a mod for Starcraft 2. I must say my feelings about the matter are conflicted. What about you?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Blizzard just earned my respect back. Wish more devs would let the fans have free reign like that. It doesn’t hurt them in any way and most fans aren’t going to be able to throw a big enough team together to make something that really pulls money away from the devs house titles so this is really cool.

  2. Looks interesting! But looking soley on the graphics and gameplay with the currently released footage it seems like the game should’ve been released a few years ago.

  3. I’m surprised. I outta swore that this was shut down by Activision said two years ago with a cease and desist order.

  4. I would love to see this mod get released I don’t have starcraft but after watching this it makes me want to get it because the game is good I heard and saw, It is very flexible for mods like this ,and this mod looks sick hope it gets released.

  5. I love the starcraft universe but have never been any good at RTS, so I would very much like to see this game reach it’s goal. If it becomes big enough, I would hope Blizzard would throw some financial backing behind it, that way they can capitalize on persons like me who like the universe but are not into the conventional starcraft experience.

    Can you imagine a 100 man raid on a zerg colony?!

  6. I call this bullshit, last time I saw an ”world of starcraft” mod ( custom map ), Blizzard removed it because of copyrights, But! If this does work out, Well done…… Still sad for the one who did the first world of starcraft though….

    • It’s “a* World of Starcraft”…not “an”.

      And it was stated in the video, that Blizzard supports it 100%. I highly doubt that it would not be created because Blizzard didn’t support it, if Blizzard DOES support it.

    • It’s a actually the same person / group as “World of Starcraft.” Blizzard only had a problem with the name because it was so close to “World of Warcraft,” and didn’t want people to accidentally think that this was officially made by them. But once the creator changed it, Blizzard gave the go ahead with 100% support.

      My friend has been pretty excited for this project for some time now. With kickstarter, things are getting interesting. I wonder how things will turn out now.

  7. Hmmm ….It’s shows great promise, even for those hardcore starcraft I can’t believe that they will just let this game go away.


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