Age of Conan

For a game that was released seven years ago, “failed,” and then relaunched as a free-to-play title — and is owned by a company that’s not doing so hot lately — Age of Conan still gets plenty of attention from its developers, as shown in its most recent monthly development update.

The big change seems to be the moving of Tier 5 armor bonuses to the recently introduced runes, making T6 items more desirable. The final boss of the Palace of Cetriss, the newly resurrected Ethram-Fal, is live on the test server, and there’s new functionality coming to the LFG/LFR system, letting players experience easier versions of the main storyline dungeons and raids.

For October, a Halloween festival is in the works, and, somewhere down the line, a crafting revamp. Which leads me to ask: People dress as barbarians, sorcerers, and the like for Halloween these days, so what does a barbarian or sorcerer dress as for Halloween? An accountant? A librarian?

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  1. never was good on October 1, 2015

    MMObomb has been going down hill, guess cus games are…. The new reporters are wack.. bring back the old guys!

  2. Neku on October 1, 2015

    Did you even read the title before you published this article? FUNCOM TEASES NEW AGE OF CONAN TEASES RAID BOSS IN MONTHLY DEVELOPMENT UPDATE

  3. Todoran on October 1, 2015

    shut it down or make it F2P not fremium.

    • Todoran on October 1, 2015

      Translation : I’m a cheapskate freeloader and I want it 100% free or not at all, wah wah wah wah look at how entitled I am!

      • Phaedros on October 2, 2015

        Exactly, there’s nothing wrong with freemium, developer’s gotta eat and pay bills too. -.-