By now, Genshin Impact players are very familiar with the quest that asks them to destroy an Anemo Slime balloon before it makes it to its destination. All along the way players must do their best to destroy said balloon while also fending off Hilichurls, Abyss Mages, and whatever else it throws at you. It can be annoyingly difficult to do. Although, apparently it’s not nearly as difficult as trying to squeeze a replica of one of those Anemo Slime balloons into a revolving door.

That’s apparently what the miHoYo team had to deal with this weekend.

A twitter user posted images of several miHoYo employees struggling to squeeze a giant slime into its place of honor, the rotating doors at the front of the miHoYo building this weekend. They got it to fit, but it seems like it was a rather close call. The good news is that it appears the replica came in pieces and the base was already in by the time they began wrestling with the slime.

According to The Gamer, who contacted miHoYo when they saw the pictures, the Anemo Slime is exactly where it’s supposed to be now, but they had to call in extra people to get it in there when it decided to not squeeze through the opening. Now people are questioning how they’ll go about removing it. Who knows? They might not. There are doors to either side, and apparently the revolving door isn’t that necessary or they wouldn’t have blocked it to begin with. And it is pretty cute.

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