If you bought one of Skyforge’s Founder’s Packs or were lucky enough to win a key from the game’s official website (or from our own website) then get ready because you’ll be able to jump back into’s free to play MMORPG on April 22nd. This closed beta round lasts for a while and doesn’t end until May 13th.

If you played in any of the previous rounds of closed beta you’ll be able to continue your progress in game as no wipe is planned yet. On the download front, if you downloaded the second closed beta client, no new client download is required for this upcoming test.

This beta test also adds some new content for players to try and break:

  • Two additional PvP zones: 8v8 map Alcedon Facility – Payload Game Mode and 12v12 map Esten Quarry – Capture the Flag Game Mode
  • Open World Zone – Milene Caves
  • Squad Adventure – Alakur Island
  • 5-Man Adventure – Phoreus Test Area

  • If you didn’t sign up for beta yet, go do it now as will be sending out a new wave of keys soon.

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    1. My.Com are some chumps. they sent a beta but somehow it got marked as spam and deleted. took forever to hear back from them and they couldnt resend for some unknown reason even though they know they sent the initial email. dont see whats so hard about hitting a button to resend an email.

    2. I’ve been following this game, and know some who do play it as well. I personally have played Allods.. now Allods the game itself is fairly cash shop heavy, like no mounts unless u pay cash. but this game has an conversion mechanic in it. so you can turn ingame money into cash based money. if a mere 160 creds is 1 argent.. then its a very nice conversion compared to other games .. i think Gw2’s conversion is like 1000 for 1.. or was that rift. i forgot. but this game is stunning beautiful. from gameplay vids, and from seeing through skype sharescreen. Its not a pay 2 win. its not even a pay to advance. you basically pay if you want to. or just want to support the game itself. the founderpacks are prolly what ppl are crying about. which they are FOUNDER packs. you pay if you want to enter closed beta but you get rewards for founding. I’d fork over cash for a founder pack if i wasnt moving to a new house in a few days.

    3. I play on russian obt and i can say few words about cashshop. So basically you have credits and argents. For argents you can buy premium. If you dont have money you can convert credits into argents 160 creds = 1 argentum. In auction you can buy fashion clothes or idk how i gonna say this but there you can spend argents or credits. And you cant buy any gear for donate! So i really enjoy this game no p2w at all but you need a lot time to get high prestige (lvl)

      • why are you going on about it being P2W when the cash shop is not even online yet cause of it being in CBT still. Another thing why is everyone is always going P2W on games even on ones are not even fully launched yet. Hate it when people try to destroy games that aren’t even fully out yet.

          • I was playing Russian OBT .I read about Allods Team background and all players from Allods game can tell you that it will end up p2w with hidden behind paywall classes and other stuff

            • “hidden behind paywall classes” check your sources…
              There is nothing hidden on how p2w Allods online is,starting with runes.A full 13 set goes for around 20k €,a good combat mount around 300 €,a good bag/bank around 60/80 €,everything thing else that makes you able to do ultimate end-game content around 3k/5k €


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