The long wait for Gloria Victis on Steam is just about over. An announcement from the free-to-play game’s developer, Black Eye Games, revealed that the game will officially launch on the digital store’s Early Access this Wednesday, June 8. That’s two days.

The launch will be preceded by a full wipe of current player activity. However, those already playing the game will be granted a head start. They will also be offered the opportunity to convert their current account to Steam. Those who do not have access yet can now add their game to the Steam Wishlist.

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  1. are you guys out of youre minds game looks very nice i like the lighting effects and yes i will say this video dont do the game justice so look around at a few gameplay videos before judging

  2. The game is instresting… but.. early access + pay to take part to beta test the game ?

    Naw.. this aint Ark Surivial Evolved (1000x better than trash like that).

    I really think MMOBOMB and MMOSTATION should stop making news about games that aint F2P in the end anyway.
    How are the chance this will become pure F2P and not another “oh we are F2P while its not released.. but on release day.. we gonna be B2P rip off style scammers”.. ??
    I am feed up with this kinda stuff.

    Looking forward to Savage 3 Resurrection.. not to some rip off stuff like this wich follows the footsteps of Black Desert online and such.

    • Very True! Try find one MMO game that you can main and leave the Other Rest alone Completely don’t go back to MMO Bomb or other Review site once you find the right game for you. Peace!

  3. Looks very ugly but thats nothing, gamaplay means everything i not saw this kind of games to be succesful yet and not believe this one will be, maybe with very good f2p model only.

    • name one game that is like gloria victis please?, ive backed this game for a long time now. Ive been playing mmos since 2001 and there is no mmo like gloria victis.

      You also said it was ugly, well my 1st mmo was runescape and as ugly as the gfx are on runescape, there is also no other game like runescape (fact).

      So if your judging games based on graphics, then clearly you have not played many great games. No offense intented im just a bit blunt.

      PS: he clearly had the graphics turned down to record certain parts the video during combat. Which is clearly evident on some of the other scenes with higher quality effects.


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