It’s spring sale time on, and they do have some pretty deep discounts going on. But, since we’re all doing that social-distancing thing, they’ve decided to include a pretty fair amount of games for free as well. Note that at least one of these games is free-to-play already — *cough* Gwent *cough* — but many of them generally aren’t. They are, however, mostly indie offerings or classic ones.

The free offerings include strategy games, RPGs, shooters, horror games, and more. Titles include Eschalon: Book 1, Legends of Keepers: Prologue, POSTAL, and a few older Ultima titles. To take advantage of the offer, you will need a GOG account. Just log in an do what you’d normally do if you were ordering a game.

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  1. Happy:
    Its all a good thing at such a time.
    Gaming has always worked at keeping us together from a distance.
    Happy n sad:
    This virus has givien us a chance to breath clean air again apart from Brazils nutjob president Jair Bolsonaro burning the Amazon for his profits, whom is now working on his loss’s. wakey! wakey!
    Even if WE can’t clearly breath through snotty masks, the environment can slightly rejoice somewhat. So, does this mean mother nature has worked a way to wake us up about the seriousness of the environmental damage we have caused over just a 100 years instead of multi million year time frame and is now showing us what can achieve if we all try stop this flow together!
    Happy gaming.

    • Achieve? There are people out of work, going without food, medical treatment or other necessities, as a result of the pandemic. If the economic shutdowns are similar to the demands made by climate cultists as you claim it is, then if anything it will only frighten everyone with how costly it is to implement. I can only guess what Chinese brand of paint chips you must be eating if you think an unnatural strain of virus from a laboratory is somehow mother nature striking back for consuming the Amazon rainforest and you think grandstanding over a tragedy is going win sympathy for your psychotic anti-human cause.


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