Not everything is cut out to be a top-tier esport. MMORPG PvP usually falls into that category, but that doesn’t stop developers from giving it a go every now and then.

Despite a significant push, Guild Wars 2 esports hasn’t taken off like ArenaNet might have liked. As a result, esports league ESL has announced that it will no longer be running GW2 events following tomorrow’s 16-team tournament. You can learn more about the split and the final event on the ESL site.

It raises the question as to whether, in this day and age of MOBAs, arena shooters, competitive CCGs, and Battle Royale games, MMORPG-style PvP is interesting enough to garner a significant esports presence. World of Warcraft is big enough that its esports scene might be larger than other games’ entire populations, but beyond that? I think I’d rather take my chances on the next early access survival game actually getting finished …

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  1. That sucks for people who like GW2 and ESPORTS in the same sentence.

    As for me? i’m happy that the esport syndrome wont be hindering GW2’s progress anymore. Now ANET can dedicate that time and resources to the actual game for the rest of us.

  2. The only real issue GW2 had was its community had 2 much PvE players that know nothing of PvP. I’ve played for a month and escaped bronze in my first season easily and now i’m looking to climb some more easy ranks. PvE players like to complain about balance because they dont understand their roles in PvP

  3. They pushed too hard to make it a comp PvP game where the game itself just isn’t designed to play as one. Maybe now they’ll finally start making some updates that’s not recycling skins and tweaking numbers around.

  4. Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet never should have tried for Esports to begin with. I mean… It’s an Mmorpg… Not many of them have Esports, the only one that actually comes to mind is Blade and Soul, and even that didn’t last too long in Korea.

    Guild Wars 2 should focus on what they did best, and that was making a story, and continuing with expansions, rather than hoping to ride on a sport that only ever have thousands, not even tens of thousands watching it.

    I like Guild Wars 2 as much as the next person, but once they halted everything, and it taking forever and a decade to come out with their new class/expansion, I had been done with that game long, long ago.

    If ArenaNet is suffering for money, and a playerbase, they should do something insane, like make more personal stories, and dungeons that don’t suck, along with raising the Maximum Level, because of it being a purely aesthetic game at this point, there’s literally, no need to go back and replay the game.

  5. maby gw2 can focus on actuly PVE game aspects naw.. game literly dieing out more and more and its sad i love the game and it need new life. hopfely new expantion tis summer will bring it back agine with tengu as new race

  6. It was unbalanced to begin with not a good thing on a international esports games their marketing strategy their ideas for the classes and future updates are really getting out of line that’s why it’s failing i know they need to make money, unless they are forgetting they are making a “game” which is suppose to be fun but since they keep doing unnecesarry things then it won’t go as expected to be.
    i think it was better when it was buy to play considering before it went free it was balance but not entirely but still be able to manage to adjust for other classes till they made a class like the revenant to be buy to play it was a horrible decision, it’s a sign of desperation and people will most likely take advantage to that especially when it becomes one of the “free to play” categories, you become a competitor to other games but if people looses interest of you, you will lose the competition (not that im saying they are trying to compete to other games) but you will be compared to other games by the players themselves and that is unavoidable, now let’s all be honest the only reason why they made the game “free to play” is because they need the attention to make more money, let’s face it the only thing to get money for an “online multiplayer games” is to get more attention more players and more players will have a higher chance considering buying stuff with real cash but that is a bad idea when a game from being a “buy to play” to “free to play” it becomes awfully unbalance when you have to unlock something let’s say “weapons”armors”rare items and classes” now if you locked that and can only be obtained is by buying it. That is not a good idea when the game becomes part of the “free to play”category means people will get angry that it becomes unbalanced it becomes unfair for the people who has not bought the dlcs or additional content they will obviously say “it became pay to win” that is because it has affected the gameplay and that is very bad problem it affects the game itself, now there is two sides of fame the one side is that more people who enjoys it and the other who does not,ofcourse creators will always like the good “fame” however the bad fame on the other side is that it SPREADS you now what im talking about, you don’t like people making bad rumors about you, you may have fame but it’s the bad side of fame, now lets get back to the topic,this bad fame will spread to other people it will also affect the marketing rate and player base rate the more who spreads bad rumors the more people will not consider playing it(even though some have not tried it yet but you already know some people like to read reviews about the game before playing it) they will think it is a bad game and they don’t really want to waste their time on a game that’s not good or barely good anymore for this matter, ill be honest i wont expect this to last to 2021 or 2019 if they keep doing something like this it is a bad move.


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