It’s a new Wintersday in Guild Wars 2 — so new, in fact, that there’s even a new event to explore!

In The Secret Lair of the Snowmen, you’ll need to defrost the icy heart of “Freezie,” the coldest of the Wintersday snowmen and bring cheer back to Tyria. It’s a 10-player instance that we got an advance press preview of last week, and don’t worry, it’s not raid-level challenging. In fact, it was fairly easy, as our group got through it in 15 minutes, though the boss does have various stages and some interesting mechanics. You can hop into GW2 to try it out right now!

All the usual Wintersday events are also back, including the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, Toypocalypse, Tixx’s Infinirarium, the Bell Choir, and Snowball Mayhem. Learn more on the GW2 site or check out the patch notes on the forums.

Meanwhile, the next episode of the Living World won’t be appearing this year. As revealed in a forum post, Living World Season 4, Episode 5 is going to be pushed back to January, “for reasons that have to do both with other in-game content and with the way we treat our teams.” The first part is sufficiently vague, while the second part sounds like, “We didn’t want to work our staff to the bone right before the holidays.” And I’m OK with that.

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