The long awaited Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns is officially live. To commemorate the event, ArenaNet has released an infographic highlighting various milestones the game has attained since it first launched. One of the biggest of these is having over 7 million registered player accounts.


Guild wars 2 is free to play, but those wanting to take part in Heart of Thorns content will need to purchase the expansion. The base version of the expansion will run you $49.99. There are two other — goodie-filled — versions that will cost more.

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  1. save on October 25, 2015

    A great game made by fukin lazy creators who never spend more than 1 hour to figure out a decent pve for the game…

  2. WILDSTAR on October 24, 2015

    WILDSTAR… nuff said.

  3. Player1 on October 24, 2015

    For me, if the pvp is good, i’ll rush in adrenaline, gw2 it’s a very good game but couldn’t feel anything in pvp, there’s lots of rooms but there’s only mesmers and necromancers, tried wildstar too and let me tell you, the pvp is insane.

  4. Jäeger on October 24, 2015

    Oh hey, that was a game. You guys remember the good times we had in Guild Wars 2?

    Yeah, me neither.

  5. todoran on October 24, 2015

    i got a refound … damn it… is to boring…. those crap are nor “raids”and the dungeons? :)))) when this game will have a god end game il buy it again till then wow!

  6. Scott on October 24, 2015

    “The base version of the expansion will run you $49.99.”

    Ah the old bait and switch. Excuse me while I skip this game.

  7. Yoitsu on October 24, 2015

    GW2 went from P2P which was fine, to F2P which was great, to end as a P2W.
    Good job Anet in listening to NCsoft advisors…

    • lovathon on October 26, 2015

      how is it p2w now? what are u on about mate? the cash shop is cosmetics and stupid stuff pretty much, no p2w AT ALL

  8. SIdeboob on October 24, 2015

    Boring game,the only good thing to do is the story,after that bam, the boring wall of doom.A bit of pvp to.

  9. Michelle on October 23, 2015

    that expension is pay 2 play. mmobomb should NOT cover that kind of news. gg

    • Urs-00 on October 24, 2015

      it is buy to play, not pay to play… and since the core game is now free, they should talk about it

      • Whatever on October 24, 2015

        OMG haven’t you guys have enough of these semantics police?

        So, taking your words literally, i suppose that when you buy a car you don’t necessarily pay for it? What an intelligent thing to say…

      • kek on October 24, 2015

        No, b2p is not f2p, black desert is b2p and it was said in this website that it wont be talked about anymore. Why is this being talked about when it’s the same business type?


    • Whatever on October 24, 2015

      And indeed, when Black Desert was announced as pay once, play forever type of business Magicmike himself announced MMOBomb would not cover that game in this site…

      Why are they announcing now this same type of business game such as is GW2… mysterious.

      • reasons on October 24, 2015

        maybe because the game is 100% free , cry about the restrictions all you like but SWTOR gets covered, so does GW2. I personally think its a great game considering Ive played all the f2p games out and paid more than 49.99 in all of them just to buy my inventory slots to start.

        • Derpina on October 24, 2015

          Your part of the problem. So where is BDO coverage? DERP. These games are not 100% free. They hit limits. Swtor should only be covered up to its limits. GW2 they can cover all they want that is free. So this Thorns update is pure hypocracy since can’t f2 unlock it. WoW has a F2p model up to level 25… Wheres ur mmobomb crew -.-. I followed Zak to know he has a wow account but shuts up about it here XD

          • adasdas on October 24, 2015

            i rly wonder if u are dumb or yes … wow- free trial, bdo- buy to play, the rest (gw2 etc.) are FREE TO PLAY, doesnt matter u have to buy a stupid expansion the game is FREE TO PLAY

          • Nashah on October 25, 2015

            This is just stupid. Everquest and Everquest 2 (both free to play games) receive news about upcoming expansions (which are not free and must be unlocked) because the base game itself is free. You can do most things in the game without having to pay, which is not true of WoW. I really hope you can tell the difference between these types of games.

  10. shytgame on October 23, 2015

    Crap expand with garbage content i.e. weak dungeon, and a crap new race… remnant is TRASH. Fashion Wars, old people and baddies play this…..

  11. idontlikemyname on October 23, 2015

    0 hype for this expansion main reason the price is way WAY expensive for that price you only need 10$ more and you can get final fantasy + expansion + 30 days of gameplay

  12. adasdas on October 23, 2015

    so expensive …. gonna wait for a sale