Hi-Rez Studios has been teasing mythology fans with their upcoming MOBA for years, taking what was originally just a mode for Global Agenda, and driving it down a seemingly long road of changes toward what is soon to be released as Smite. The progression of the project throughout the years tells a story of sci-fi shooter gone fantasy MOBA, and provides some insight on how the third-person aspect made its introduction to the genre.

Not a single aspect of Smite was safe from day one, as major adjustments and advances to the art, characters, and environment were always at the forefront of the designers imaginations. Right alongside the adaptations of the new content spawned some game modes one doesn’t typically see in a MOBA, such as the Arena Mode that throws players into a brawling deathmatch, and a 1×1 Joust mode that pits two opposing Minotaurs against one another.

Even after all the creative chaos, the team still had time to work in one more god before release, squeezing a melee/ranger known as Ullr the Glorious One into the latest pre-launch patch. Ullr’s melee mode grants him a speed buff, while his ranged mode applies more physical damage, making his gameplay particularly dynamic.

This new deity and many more will all be fully functional and ready to show their wrath this March 25th.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


    • Never Forget they ruined Tribes and GlobalAgenda

      But I forgive them , because they making the most interesting MOBA, which is not point click autoattack but with real aim and tru skillshots. And from my experience as Veteren Counterstrike 1.5 National Champion , I LOVE THIS GAME , much more than DOTA/2 and LOL.

      • Nevertheless, the best upcoming moba that can compete with LoL and Dota is only Infinite Crisis.
        This game is pure shit.

        • Infinite Crisis s**k…. LOL clone with DC superheroes themed…. Only DC fans would probably played it… SMITE gave new perspective in moba gaming… And they need to open ASIA region server…

          • give it more time. it will start to grow on you. nobody likes Moba’s from the start. You have to learn the game before you start loving it. And this game is bringing someting different and fresh to the Moba genre. And it doesn’t fail as expected.. in fact its really well done.
            But if you dont like MOBA’s in genreal that another subject.

  1. There is no Minotaur, they changed it to “Titan” which looks better and both teams have differen Titans, one looks like devil and other like good.

    • They dont. That is one of the big problems. There are EU and NA servers. More servers might come out eventually

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