When last we heard about Gwent, CD Projekt Red’s community manager was apologizing to fans for a lack of information. When its Homecoming update would finally launch around October, it was due to include the Thronebreaker single-player campaign as part of the free-to-play CCG.

That’s not the case any more, in pretty much every way possible. Rather than being a part of the Gwent CCG, Thronebreaker is being spun off into its own title, a standalone RPG, with the subtitle “The Witcher Tales.” Reddit user Apero_ has listed the changes in a post, and — given the scope of the changes — I’d think he was exaggerating it all if not for the video links he provides. In the two videos, a CDPR spokesman says (through a translator):

“Most of the gameplay actions are resolved by playing cards, but the game itself is a role-play and we’re going to sell it in a standalone model. You will be able to purchase Thronebreaker without installing Gwent.”


“The project evolved up to quite a large scale, with 30+ hours of captivating gameplay and an amazing story, with choices and their consequences.”

As the speaker says that the game will be “sold,” that probably rules it out from being free-to-play, as well. While the two games will be separate and you won’t need a Gwent account to play Thronebreaker, if you do have one, it will be tied to Thronebreaker. Given the two games’ obvious connections, however, we might still cover it as news, at least for major happenings, such as launch.

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