Sound the trumpets, beat the wardrums, and ready your most trusted weapon for Path of Exile has shed its beta title today. Unlike other games with more “superficial” releases, Path of Exile’s patch to 1.0 has some substantial meat to it. Grinding Gear Games has went about adding several new zones with fresh tilesets, new enemies, items, challenge modes, and the new Scion class who can only be unlocked through the story once players complete the game.

The Scion is the most customizable of all the classes, allowing full freedom with talent point specialization. However, flexibility comes at a price, and the Scion does not posses any class specific specializations. Six new world areas and eight new end-game maps ensure even the most veteran PoE players have something new to look at. They’ll want to return anyways as GGG also added a grand finale boss fight. Certainly can’t have an ARPG finale without one.

Virtual socialites will be pleased to know you can now more effectively dispatch your enemies alongside friends with the inclusion of guilds. Guilds aren’t just a way of pooling your friends together in one place though. Powerful guilds can earn name tags which require “sacrificing a set of end-game maps” allowing players to create unique tags with rare symbols. Competitive guilds should be on the lookout for special Guilds Challenges soon.

Those seeking to be competitive on their own will be happy to hear about the inclusion of new four-month Challenge Leagues, which offer new Domination and Nemesis modes with specific guidelines along with special loot. In Domination, players will need to power Shrines throughout the land which give nearby monsters large bonuses, but can reward players with their powers if they can fight their way to them. Nemesis is a hardcore league which grant rare monsters players encounter more attributes, making the fight substantially harder.

All the aforementioned content could be considered the highlights from the patch, but the amount of additional content crammed into release is fairly staggering. GGG has added over a dozen new skills, made substantial balance changes, added an achievement system, Capture the Flag PvP, and cleaned up a multitude of pesky bugs. You can read over the extensive 1.0 patch notes to find out more.

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  1. Just hate dieing in hardcore mode, it moves your acc to standard which makes ppl sad. Also the increase of difficulty, makes it loses more experience and also the ELEMENTAL resistance when on death!!!! which is not great after all. You might end up getting negative values like i did. Well overall it is a nice game and it is a totally free to play game with a huge passive tree to suits your needs. Recommends to those whom are interested to try this. But I repeat don’t try to die too much, it makes the game boring trust me.

  2. its an ARPG i dont like this genre…i was close beta tester and reached 84 lvl when i quit cause the only thing that u do is farm at Chaos it didnt have even a trade system back then we used to throw loot down to exchange it with each other.

    No pvp also then dont know if has now…but the only thing u do is farm nothing more!Story ends really fast and no aditional quests…i farmed for 3 months when i realised that at age of 30 doing this over and over again has no meaning!

    Go try this game people but its nothing special and fast boring.Still waiting for a game like this but with quests and a true story an rpg not an arpg

  3. Path of Exhile is a pretty decent and fun game. I just hate the way the Game forces you to play it 3 times unlocking different difficulty modes which is kind of lame, Which is why I just played it once and quit. I have good memories of playing it 🙂

    • Yeah I found that after beating the story once, it isn’t nearly as much fun the next time through. But I do like building characters, and look forward to the story development.

    • Yeah I found that after beating the story once, it isn’t nearly as much fun the next time through. But I do like building characters, and look forward to the story development.

  4. really bad game it relies 300% on luck and 800% on farming all classes over and over with cookie cutter builds and repetitive game play that is boring grinding and even worse it takes almost 3 hours to complete a single quest and the game does crash randomly which makes you start over from scratch which usually happens right before you finish… you couldn’t pay me to play this game even if you paid me all the money in the world every 1 second I wouldn’t play it for even 1 second… worst game ever.


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