Hearthstone Friend

If you’ve got quests in Hearthstone, you can’t fulfill them by playing against friends. That makes some sense; letting a friend beat you down — or vice versa — just so you can gain quick gold from your quests seems a little like gaming the system.

Blizzard’s decided to change all that, though, with a pair of notable additions to the game, one temporary and one more permanent. First of all, there’s the Friendly Feud event, which will let players complete their normal quests by challenging friends. That lasts until July 24.

Also in the mix is the new Challenge a Friend quest, which was added to the game last week and rewards players 80 gold simply for playing against a friend. Both friends get the gold, and it’s warned that you need to “Be sure to finish your games to collect your winnings,” so don’t be too hasty with that Concede button.

These changes go hand in hand with the new Recruit a Friend promotion going on right now in Hearthstone, which can earn you the alternate shaman hero, Morgl the Oracle. You can read more about the new friendly quests on the Hearthstone site.

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  1. Any plans to acctualy post something that is not just PR for activision/blizzard? How about you talk about all th bad things in the gamee that happen. PEOPLE NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY IT, huge patches, zero quality of life update, pay to win, scripted rng etc.

    • Seriously, this is one of the best ideas they had in years. It’s one of the best features the game will have. Haven’t you too got friends?

    • Yeah I do but when does gaming have to do with social media? I’m not gonna share a game on social media just to get more gold or free ingame stuff. I think this social media BS blizzard is doing is stupid. Linking quests or events to social media sharing just to get free ingame stuff or gold isn’t what I think MMOs should be about because not everyone has or want’s to use a social media account like facebook or twitter or what ever social media thing is out there. I understand social media is popular and alot of people like it but not everyone has or want’s to use it and I really think spreading MMO events over to social media is a really stupid idea. I’m unsure about a mobile app game since they really benefit from it but for all other MMOS that are played on a PC it’s a really stupid idea in my opinion.


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