One of the most frustrating things about ranked play in Hearthstone, especially for high-rank players, is getting your ranking reset at the start of a new season. True, you get some credit for your previous achievements, but it’s a long tumble down to a low ranking — and a long grind to work your way back up.

That’s all going to change soon. The new system, going into effect in March, will only reset ranks by four spots at the start of a new season. Not only does this make it so high-rank players won’t have to play as many games to reclaim their spots, but low-rank players won’t be as likely to be matched up with those higher-skilled players, who currently have to play games in the lower end of the rankings.

In addition, each rank will now require five starts to advance, as opposed to the current system, which required anywhere from two to five stars. Also, under the current system, you need to hit rank 20 to receive that season’s card back and other miscellaneous rewards; under the new system, you’ll simply need to win five ranked games. Learn more about all the changes to ranked play on the Hearthstone site.

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  1. I uninstalled because of its predatory p2w. You get exp on loss, but no gold (to buy cards). So you can farm losing exp and gain rank with no good cards and will lose. There is no skill in this game. Just better cash decks (and net decking proves it). I’ve fought using skill, and a p2w guy had trouble shutting me down early draws, but he eventually dropped the op cards. He then surrendered and let me win and messaged: “you played good. I feel bad for crushing you effortlessly . My deck is cash and op. Thanks” and he leaves. When your game so p2w it bores the cashiers… You have problems.


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