If you’re the kind who likes to watch other people do things on the Internet, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re a Hearthstone player, that is. Not, well… you know.

Today’s Patch for Hearthstone makes significant changes to Spectator Mode, making it a much better experience for voyeurs. Now, when watching a friend, you won’t be kicked back to the main menu and forced to re-spectate after a friend’s match ends. Additionally, you won’t be logged out of the game for inactivity after 30 minutes of spectating, which makes sense — spectating is all about being inactive, after all.

Other changes include a new animation for Mimiron’s Head, a bug fix for the Cogmaster, and improvements for the iPad and Android versions of the game. Now, if they would only nerf Dr. Boom

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    • its not the same thing… its ment for like friends and what not lol unless your ganna make your friend stream just to watch what he does…


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