The Iron Maiden Rell Rides Into Battle In League Of Legends


League of Legends‘ most recent champion may strike a little fear into the hearts of her opponents when they see her. Known as the “Iron Maiden”, Rell is a former member of the Black Rose Academy who spent her time there fighting against other children and draining their magic. Now, she’s on the warpath, out to get anyone who betrayed her.

Just added to the LoL lineup, Rell is striking in appearance — being excessively heavily armored. Honestly, if you watch her move without her armor steed, the impression is that she must be exceedingly strong in order to even maneuver in all that gear. It’s probably a good thing that gear transforms into her mount.

Because of her tank-y nature — which allows her to steal power from enemies for herself, some of Rell’s movement is particularly slow. But that’s countered by the amount of damage she can do with her abilities and special shielding. Her speed also changes a bit depending on whether she’s mounted or fully armored. You can likely guess which is which.

Since Rell’s theme is centered around metal, it makes sense that one of her abilities would use magnetism. The Attract and Repel ability uses it to tie her to an ally, granting them armor and resist while also using the link to damage enemies. Connected allies also benefit from her health draining abilities while connected.

Speaking of magnets, her ultimate Magnetic Storm, generates a well around her that draws enemies in and deals damage over time. A full rundown of all of Rell’s abilities — and how they can be chained together with not only each other but those of other characters — can be seen in the Rell Champion Spotlight below. Her launch trailer is also available. And, just for funzies, Riot also released a video featuring her theme.


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