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A new system designed to help players always be sure they have someone to team up with has been added to Riot’s free-to-play MOBA League of Legends. Named Clubs, the system allows players to create, organize and control social groups, creating persistent chat rooms that remain even when they are not logged in. Players can create public or private chats using the social panel.


Those creating clubs can invite up to 49 friends to join them. (This is as of now; Riot states they may increase the cap at a later date.) Creators will have the ability to moderate and manage the Club room — even appointing officers.

An important thing to note about the new system is that club names and tags are unique, meaning that only one club can have any given name or tag. Riot has also reserved a few, so those just won’t be available at all.

More information on the new system can be found on the League of Legends blog.

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  1. Lel what a joke. Tencent ( owner of riot/lol ) earned 1.4 bilions last year and they add garbage like this to the game. This does not help new players at all.

    how about making the game less pay to win. it is not fun to play against people who are level 30 with tier 3 runes etc.

    they constantly “balance” heroes like it is a beta game in roder to force people to buy the chaps that are OP this time.

    the controls are garbage, cant rebind elft and right mouse button, there is no good dynamic semi locked cam, the camera is zoomed to much in etc.

    this game is a scam and nothign more

    • what do you mean, pay to win? it’s a moba, I don’t see anything pay to win in LoL. All you need now to buy with real money are skins and soon you can get even skins if you play. I have 83k ip, what I can do with them? nothing for now. OP heroes are part of League man, you can search for God Tier on google and see what you can play in meta. It’s true about lower lvl ppl instead. About dynamic cam idk what to say, It’s not a problem for me.

    • When i firststarted League about 3 years back, I was trash. I barely knewhow to play efficiently and I was cosistently wrecked by tons of smurfs. But even so I still enjoyed every game a ton and just kept playing no matter how trash I was and didn’t care about the smurfs at all. Now im in Gold IV ( not trying to brag ) and have my rune sets decked out and play with others who do as well, making each game extremely fun and challenging for me. Some heroe, chaes ( Riven, Yasuo, etc. ) would be considered as OP, but if you’re highly experienced with a champ that isn’t you can still easily take them down, same if the person using the OP champ can’t play them at all. I think the opinion on thegame just varies from person to person.

  2. Are you kidding me? This was already a part of their standard chat function back in the day XD It is like World of Tanks….and like WoT. NO ONE WILL USE THIS! XD
    LoL removed all chat functions and now re-introducing it as a “club”. Pathetic lazyy cash grabbing dev’s. They could have created a group finder by using a VIRTUAL system that pairs you up with stat similiar and “requested” criteria like: LVL 5, 100 battles, 50 wins, Tank jungle looking for “mid support”. Press a buttun, see list of people online and off line, and send requests…They probably left it simple as this because translating that internationally would not work so hot *shrug* I know as a EU player sending group activity requests ends up in either Turk or Russian responses, the only groups keeping these cancer titles alive XD


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