Alaplaya has announced a new game, L.A.W. – Living After War which will begin closed beta by the end of the year.

Founded in 2008 and working on L.A.W ever since then, the development team at South-Korean studio Nitrozen has some incredible references: Take the studio founder Lee Jang Wook, who is the Art Director of the RPG-classic Diablo! He gathered talents around him who previously worked for renowned companies such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar, Sony Computer Entertainment and SNK, as well as graphic talents from Lucas Films, Industrial Light & Magic und Dreamworks. These guys know how to create an awesome game!

Together, they came up with a grim vision of the future: A devastating nuclear war left earth in ruins. Survivors fled the earth on spaceship ”Tomorrow“ to return 200 years later and rebuild civilization. But upon their return they find that those who did not escape have genetically mutated into a nature loving race now known as the Nak. The ideological differences between humans and Nak are not the only threat to resurrect civilization. The bloodthirsty Shamak are roaming the earth to enslave all mankind

L.A.W mixes classic MMO elements such as a wide range of skills, guild system or instanced dungeons with groundbreaking new real-time strategy (RTS) features for its PvP (player-versus-player) mode. Through tactical usage and even direct control of ground and airborne units such as heavy tanks or swift helicopters, even smaller but well organized groups can be victorious over their enemies in these epic battles for rare resources. These resources will be traded by players in a similar fashion to the real-world stock market.

“L.A.W – Living After War” Open Beta will be available to all users in the first quarter of 2012.


  1. Interface is ripped straight outta hellgate and artstyle also looks somewhat similiar so yes this engine is more than likely way outdated . stuff with these standards nowadays shouldnt even get past a beta if they cant even put the effort into making their own “Original” ideas , but then again , why should they care when it costs them little to nothing to produce these horrible quality games with pay to win shops.

  2. yeah the graphics engine is out dated and …oh wait… isn’t that the sprint icon for the rogue to run fast in world of warcraft?? click on the picture and see for yourself… 3rd icon from the left lol!! any who.. for it being developed since 2008 the graphics really are sub-par at best… they need to give that engine a complete overhaul especially for something being released in 2012, with games like guild wars 2 as well as others with HD graphics these guys will fall short unless its completely free 2 play…and even if it IS free to play with other games that are pay to play going free 2 play like city of heroes and fallen earth will surely make this game fail…

  3. indeed i see that the devs must have experience , but as I see that picture i name it as a game i don’t like , and graphics ain’t that good too


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