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Recently a Reddit user by the name of Form1ca posted some information they uncovered in Lost Ark’s data that identified 18 advanced classes and their stats. Rather than ignoring the drop or trying to cover it, the game’s development team elected to confirm the data, listing it on Reddit as well.

Correction: After some of you kindly pointed out that it was not a dev who confirmed it, I double checked and found you are right. Apologies for misreading the first time. Instead Reddit user BarefootNinjja compiled the information into a rather handy list that can be found at the link above.

The list, which can be found in full with general stat and the classes weapon on choice in the post, shows three advanced classes for each of the base ones. These include:

  • Warrior: Berserker, Destroyer, Warlord
  • Mage: Arcana, Summoner, Bard
  • Fighter: Battle Master, Infighter, Kimaster
  • Gunner: Hawkeye, Devil Hunter, Blaster
  • Assassin: Shamanking, Pirate, Shadow
  • Specialist: Astrologer, Musician, Alchemist

The developers poster does point out that these names — and even the classes themselves — are subject to change.

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    • Now only if they didn’t have gender locked classes.. i understand it takes alot more time developing classes without it being gender or race locked but players hate that kind of restrictions


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