Do you want more loot boxes? Of course you do! That’s why Standing Stone Games is adding more to The Lord of the Rings Online, along with a change to endgame loot acquisition in general, which surely won’t upset anyone.

Being honest here: I haven’t played LOTRO in at least a year, and haven’t been an endgame raider for nearly six years, but even at the low-ish end of max-level content that I used to visit, the gearing system seemed confusingly complex to me. That’s why, when I read (courtesy of MassivelyOP) that Ashes of Enchantment will have their name changed to “motes,” which will be used “to buy older high-level gear, while Update 23’s new (and better) gear will be available only for new ’ember’ currency,” it makes my head swim a little bit. Maybe it’s time for another editorial about how MMOs should better plot out their post-launch loot plans.

Oh, and there are apparently also new loot boxes coming in Update 23 that will have a chance to drop embers. Because of course there will.

All this was laid out in a recent livestream by Community Manager Jerry “Cordovan” Snook, which you can view below.


  1. You could play a cash grab game like this where things are in a random loot box, or you could shell out 15 bucks a month and play a decent game.


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