Outspark announced that Luvinia Online is now in open beta and invites players to all the events and new content now available in this highly anticipated MMORPG.

After the successful and action-packed closed beta, Luvinia Online is back with a few tweaks and updates for all players to try out now. In the open beta, players will now be able reach level 78, which means more areas to explore and content to experience. Along with the level increase, the story, font, camera, and graphics of the game have been improved during the downtime and are ready for beta testers, both veteran and new, to try out.

All players participating in the open beta can pick up some very special mounts in key give aways happening with select websites. Along with the new mounts, closed beta players will find in their accounts some of the rewards granted through previous in-game events and key redemptions. Open beta will give players a chance to create fresh, new characters, which will carry over into the full commercial launch of the game.

Along with all the updates and new content in the open beta, players will also have a chance to win prizes worth up to $1,000! Alongside the many weekly in-game activities present in Luvinia Online, Outspark Game Masters will be running a variety of special events during the open beta which can be found on the game forums.

For more information, go at luvinia.outspark.com/.


    • Yeah, well, beta is suppose to be a preview, but since this is open beta with no player wipes, then this is kind of what it looks like so far. It’s not like they’ll change the combat from dull pointing and slashing to like Vindictus. xD

  1. this game is really really bad don’t play it i just was on it for 5 mins it like godwar rip off , DON’T PLAY IT , IT HERT YOUR EYES šŸ˜›


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