The Kemono Friends are coming to Mabinogi in a crossover event that starts up next Thursday and runs into May. Kemono Friends is a manga, anime, and video game franchise set in fictional Japari Park, a large zoo where many of the animals have been anthropomorphized into young girls.

In Mabinogi’s crossover event, various Kemono Friends have been plucked from from their home and scattered all around the Erinn Region. To return them, players will need to complete various quests with the help of Lucky Beast, the guide of Japari Park. For their efforts in the various quests, defense missions, and mini-games, players will receive several rewards, including Kemono Friends-themed items.

The Mabinogi x Kemono Friends cross-promotion starts on April 16 and runs until May 14. You can learn more on the Mabinogi site.

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