Mages aren’t all flimsy glass cannons who like to shoot fireballs from a safe distance. In Magic: Legends, you can play as that type of character, but you can also be a rough-and-tumble melee expert who like to wade into the thick of battle.

Today’s reveal showcases the Geomancer, described as “a durable melee character class that encapsulated both the passionate fury attributed to red mana and a deep connection to the element of earth.” Based on the planeswalker Koth, the Geomancer has a unique shield mechanic that is generated passively while in combat and can be boosted by spells and abilities. The shield can protect the Geomancer or be expended to augment damage output. This provides opportunities for both a defensive and offensive melee combatant, which can be further customized by the spells in one’s deck.

On the visual side, the Geomancer comes bathed in “rich orange and red tones” and sports “huge obsidian gauntlets they could use to smash anything in their path.” Wild, flowing red hair is presumably optional.

Learn more about the Geomancer on the Magic: Legends site.



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