MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews Paradox North’s Studio Manager John Hargelid on the spell casting wizard madness to come with Magicka: Wizard Wars. John elaborates on small tweaks, new additions, and the developmental process.

Anyone interested in Early Access can apply at the official website here.

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  1. Patience on February 10, 2017

    I am having a similar personal stgeurlg. I never realized how often I used it as a noun until being called on that here. I am trying to catch myself before I do it but still failing a lot of the time.

  2. Kupo on April 18, 2014

    Why this and why that, the answer is the same from every representative of every game xD who says free to play reasons.

  3. Dezeptix on April 17, 2014

    Nice Game its cool and nice idea because they are not a lot of MMO Co-op and that its the fun with your friends, I Want to support it . New maps and more Game Modes
    And 5v5 Like Moba At Clanwars. and create More and more (updates) every game need updates 😀


  4. jallermidslash on April 16, 2014

    yo whats up with mounted its just stupid

  5. Spocksarek on April 16, 2014

    Apparently, your not paying attention. Mounted! Otherwise, your response doesn’t count.

  6. buggy on April 16, 2014

    i`m looking forward to play this game,i think its kinda game for me xD

  7. Sukinato on April 16, 2014


  8. Aeryoth on April 15, 2014

    First again !