MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews Paradox North’s Studio Manager John Hargelid on the spell casting wizard madness to come with Magicka: Wizard Wars. John elaborates on small tweaks, new additions, and the developmental process.

Anyone interested in Early Access can apply at the official website here.


  1. I am having a similar personal stgeurlg. I never realized how often I used it as a noun until being called on that here. I am trying to catch myself before I do it but still failing a lot of the time.

  2. Nice Game its cool and nice idea because they are not a lot of MMO Co-op and that its the fun with your friends, I Want to support it . New maps and more Game Modes
    And 5v5 Like Moba At Clanwars. and create More and more (updates) every game need updates 😀



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