Meteor Entertainment gave war-machine fans something to chew on, as they released their FPS Hawken on Steam’s Early Access earlier today. As the game is in it’s final stages of Beta, some player may experience a few bugs here and there, but the developers have made it clear that they are ready for an expanded player base.

“We are proud to announce that our Early Access period on Steam has been very successful!” said the Hawken development team. “Now, after having 3 weeks to improve and test our servers, we are confident that we are ready for an even greater influx of pilots. We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who purchased a bundle and helped us test our servers!”

Hawken still requires a pilot account for access, which can be created here.

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  1. Very addicting shooter, refreshing, well worked out gamemodes and a lot off optional tweaks.
    Only downsideis that ingame currency is hard to earn to buy feature upgrades, compare it to a long base investment like planetside 2 😉

  2. if you ask me(which nobody does) hawken is really boring,the only reason i played it a bit is cause it was like the only decent mech shooter out there and the image we are seeing im pretty sure is from closed beta or alpha…since you dont have heat meters on the sides which i liked a lot

    • I thought it was boring too, until I found the mech I really love playing. It was the Bruiser for a while, but recently, I’ve been rocking the Technician. Healing in PvP has always been fun to me. Plus, if you equip the Tech’s alternate primary, it has ridiculous damage output.

    • It has a long closed beta if I remember correctly. Just don’t my word for it cuz I only played for 2-3 daysthen uninstalled cuz my PC couldn’t handle it.

      FYI, firefall had been in CB for almost 2 years.

      • nope it was open beta for at least 1 year , then it relaunched as early access on steam but u had to pay like 40$ to get in , and now it free to play again -.-


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