Lead Designer Scott Shicoff is at it again. Following up on promises he made a few months ago, the Cryptic Studios team is making some changes to the level 61-70 experience in their free to play MMORPG, Neverwinter. Initially the changes will only be rolled out to the PC version of the game but console players will also get the same perks in a future update.

This round of updates focuses on player feedback about the difficulty of monsters in the late game and the time it took to level from 61-70 in comparison with previous leveling experience gains. Take a look at the list of changes:

  • The 50% HP buff that had been added to level 61-70 critters has been removed.
  • Enemies in the endgame campaign zones (Icewind Dale, Sharandar, etc.) have had most of their HP buff removed.
    We still wanted a slight difficulty increase in these endgame zones, but the numbers we were using previously were definitely too high.
  • The bosses and mini-bosses were never given an HP boost, and that still remains true.
    The amount of damage enemies do has been further reduced from critters level 61+.
  • We reduced the damage critters dish out a number of weeks ago, but we went ahead and dropped their damage down even further.
    We’ve increased the amount of XP given by missions in the Elemental Evil zones.
    This will make your trip from 60 to 70 noticeably faster.
  • We’ve cut in half the number of vigilance quests needed to complete the wrappers.
    Wrappers that were looking for 16 quests to be completed are now only looking for 8.
  • You can read the dev blog in its entirety on the official Neverwinter site.


    1. This pile of garbage is finally dying? good.
      I don’t want them to keep sullying a good name any more than they already did.

    2. Dear players, you are inept and therefore need the game dumbed down even more also we need you to play this game again after our many, many screw ups.


      Cryptic Worlds aka Perfect Cryptic aka Cryptic Perfect Entertainment

      P.S. We are most assuredly not desperate and not hemorrhaging players faster than a fat kid can eat chocolate cake.

      Lol, they desperate.

    3. trying to entice people back who left in masses after mod 6. too little too late.
      also they still havent fixed the fiasco with the accound wide companions.


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