Neverwinter’s Rise of Tiamat expansion is now live on Xbox One, giving console players the chance to experience the first of five free expansions Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have planned for the free-to-play MMORPG in 2015.

(Yes, the expansion is going live today, June 30. There was some confusion about that earlier, based on some inaccurate reports we received.)

Rise of Tiamat embarks players on the Tyranny of Dragons quest line that will culminate with an epic 25-person battle with the Queen of Dragons herself — though that exact piece of content will come in a later expansion. In the meantime, heroic adventurers can enjoy the Well of Dragons adventure zone as well has a handful of game improvements, such as a minimap and queueing adjustments. And really, who needs to fight a dragon when you have queueing adjustments?


  1. love how everyone complains about the lockboxes even tough they are as optional as it can get everything in the lockboxes have nothing in them that makes the game one sided.

    • lol i remember when I played awhile ago this specific ring only came from lockboxes and was the first of many things to break pvp with cashshop. Couldnt get back into “Neverdiamonds” if i tried.

    • You really don’t need to go anywhere near lockboxes in this game, or even the store itself. I’ve only put cash into the game to buy astral diamonds for end game stuff, and certainly a lot less than I’ve paid in optional subs for other games.


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