When it comes to sharing information on upcoming content, the Neverwinter team seems to really enjoy doling it out in tiny installments. This time, the game’s Systems Designer, Doug “Asterdahl” Miller, offered a brief look at the upcoming epic dungeon: Castle Ravenloft.

To enter the castle, players will first need to enter the gates, cross over the bridge and make it through the courtyard. Don’t imagine this will just be a simple walk. There will be resistance — including the sisters of Strahd in the courtyard. Once in the castle, players will find themselves confronted with living armor and hordes of vampires.

To help with these challenges, players will be able to pick up a new weapon, the Sunsword. This item gives its owner powerful abilities that will help them make their way through the dungeon and into the final tower, where the final boss can be found.

And, that’s pretty much it. I did warn you it’s a tiny peek at the upcoming content. As always, if you’d like to follow the Neverwinter dev posts, they can be found on the game’s site.

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