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Funcom released more weapon Specialty Spotlights today. The first highlights ‘Primal Wrath’ for the Fist weapon. Fist attacks generate ‘Fury’ which is accumulated. Once players have enough Fury it can be utilized to activate one of two abilities. The first is ‘Frenzied Wrath’ while the second is ‘Invigorating Wrath’. Both give players access to new abilities. These abilities are only available so long as the meter has any energy in it.

Also highlighted today is the Chaos weapon Specialty ‘Controlled Chaos’. Similar to the Fist specialty, this one requires players to fill a meter (or paradoxes). However, energy is only added to the meter when the player does damage that is divisible by 8. When this happens, the player generates 2 to 4 paradoxes. When the player has generated 8 paradoxes, one of three chaos effects will automatically trigger. These are ‘Singularity’, ‘Enigma’, or ‘Dopplegangers’. You can see these demonstrated in the video below.

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  1. this controlled chaos class looks interesting and badass using punch and kicks with dark magic hmmm it reminds me the sorceress from black desert if it will be like her then will be my favorite class,well this game will be free soo im looking forward to see if this game is worth(Unlike its predecessor).

    • You should see the animations in Morrowind from 2002 and compare them to the ones in Fellowship of The Ring also from 2002 so you know that there was no excuse for Morrowind.

      And then there is TSL with it’s perfectly OK animations.


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