When your financial statement leads off with “Highest Q3 ever,” that’s probably a good sign. Nexon did just that with today’s report, which sounded good on pretty much all fronts — except one.

As usual, most of Nexon’s revenue comes from China and Korea, where games like Dungeon&Fighter and the MapleStory2 beta test (in China) and various FIFA games (in Korea) reigned supreme in Q3. Well-known titles such as Moonlight Blade, Battlerite, and Titanfall Online are expected to be part of Nexon’s presentation at G-STAR 2017 later this month.

Also as usual, there’s not too much to talk about on the North American/European front, apart from the acquisition of Pixelberry Studios. Dubbed “#1 in interactive fiction on mobile,” the acquisition was announced alongside the release of the financial statement.

Oh, and Boss Key’s LawBreakers, which is being published by Nexon? It “experienced difficulty in the tough market dominated by big hit games.” That’s one way of putting it.

You can read the full financial statement on the Nexon Investor Relations page.


  1. Pixelberry Studios. That is going to make a nice chunk of change for Nexon. Its a pretty good company that puts out some pretty good stories. As long as Nexon don’t try and change how they do thing it should be fine. The stories they write are pretty cool and you get to determine how they play out.


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