Nexon released its Q1 2016 financial statement earlier today, but there’s not a whole lot in there to make Western gamers happy. The statement covers the period from Jan. 1 to March 31, 2016 and looks forward to the rest of the year, which sounds a lot better for China and Korea than it does for the Americas and Europe.

The overall financial statement is a bit of a mixed bag, with revenues up 11% year-over-year, but with profits down, due to a 22.6 billion yen impairment loss on gloops’ goodwill. Highlights of the quarter include the 100% acquisition of DomiNations developer Big Huge Games and a 49% increase in mobile game revenue, thanks in large part to “Strong sales from Dungeon&Fighter in China” and “Better-than-expected performance in Korea.”

Even with that leap in mobile revenue, however, only 22% of Nexon’s revenue comes from mobile gaming, but it’s a growing percentage; that number was just 16% one year ago. Dungeon&Fighter will be launching on mobile in China later in 2016, and if it’s as big a success there as it was on PC, expect that number to continue to rise.


North America and Europe continue to be a very small part of Nexon’s gaming pie, with just 8% of revenues coming from our side of the Pacific. The company doesn’t have much to say about the regions either, other than “Conducted CBT for Riders of Icarus in North America and Mexico (Jan).” The outlook for Q2 isn’t any rosier, with Nexon predicting decreases of 20-30% in North America and the teens for Europe, with only an open beta test for Stand Alone Complex listed as being “scheduled” for the rest of the year.

Of course, that doesn’t mean nothing else will happen; at the very least, we’d expect more news about LawBreakers, and maybe a full launch, as the year goes on. At least we haven’t seen a bunch of badly ported free-to-play mobile games headed out way… yet.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. As long as Nexon will continue to expect west and eu to be their new docile milking cow farm, just like the east is, they will continue to fail.

  2. I mean, for real whats the first game comes into mind for the majority of the nexon consumers in the west, its likely to be maplestory; had the largest concurrent players in f2p market that couldn’t be contested lol, I gave that shit 8 years of my pathetic life debit card slapping them in the face playing their “f2p” model to accel my growth in maple, their business model realized too late the fact that they driven way too many people with money hungry business planning, RIP Nexon west, eat a dck

  3. Western culture F2P never be big like Eastern culture. Nexon needs to invest in B2P market.

    Example take Combat Arms LOS and release it in teir pakages.
    T1 Free T2 $20 B2P T3 $50 B2P

    As long as the game is at their level. Which is crap, people will buy. People pay $60-$120 for COD and BF every year.

    • Jafarson you got a grudge problem going inside your head. You need help for real because you keep haunting yourself with more negative comment just like the other people who completely Complain about new thing and old thing on the market.

      • cause everything new that i see here is fkin anime!!!!! ugly beardless male characters with gei faces and stupid armors, tiny little feemale things with huge eyes and bubies with weapons like burj khalifa… wanna puke

  4. Nexon we know you need money to survive in the US we all know your trying hard but once you release the new games you have in testing then will your revenue will be raking in dough

    • I See a lot of old Comment of Customer who used to support Nexon NA and other state plus the new people as well but that soon change really fast after they give up.


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