It’s the middle of winter — who wants to go on a Caribbean vacation? Armored Warfare does, and it will soon be taking players to the tropics with a new “Special Operations” mode that consists of multiple consecutive PvE missions.

The first Special Operations adventure is coming in Update 0.23 and will be titled “Caribbean Crisis.” It will send players off on three missions in Standard or Hardcore difficulty, with rewards that “will more than match the challenge,” including achievements, decals, camouflage patterns, and more.

Also coming in this update are a number of other improvements and additions. A new PvP map, Grassy Fields, is coming, and will be the testing ground for night battles. AI tanks will be added to Tier 1 and 2 battles to fill out their ranks, and players will be better able to track their exploits via a new dossier user interface and with epic medals to track their most impressive performances.

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