A new champion with a love of snakes is joining the ranks of Paladins. Mal’Damba is a champion with a bit of a witch doctor feel, using snakes as his weapons and poisoning the enemy every chance he gets. He’s not all bad though as his secondary fire, “Mending Spirits,” can heal an enemy for 280 Health every second for 5 seconds.

Mal’Damba’s Spitting Cobra — his main weapon — fires venom every .55s and deals 450 damage. As a bonus, reloading actually throws the cobra at the enemy dealing up to 550 damage. One of his abilities, “Gourd,” heals allies while damaging enemies. His ultimate, titled “Dread Serpent,” fears all enemy champions for 2 seconds causing them to take more damage.

As always, the new champion isn’t the only thing happening with patch 35. There are also a variety of changes, additions, and more — all of which can be found in the patch notes.

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  1. This Guy on October 18, 2016

    Most of the characters are fresh ideas, but Androxious is a complete carbon copy.

    • ASD on October 18, 2016

      Really? I thought Kinessa was a carbon copy but reskinned with a different hair style.

      • ASD on October 18, 2016

        I thought she was a carbon copy of tracer from overwatch.

  2. nopenopenope on October 16, 2016

    Game gets boring. Need to pay to be in competitive games, you need to train 12 chars to lvl 4 (have to buy the chars) How it has such good ratings is funny

    • cacalips on October 16, 2016

      You never played this game. I have not spent a DIME and I have all characters unlocked. They only cost around 4 to 5K gold each. You make about 1K per match, so 5 matches = free char + you get lopg in daily gold…. I have all chars unlcoked, All cards, and 3 chars with custom outfits…┬ĘPlay casually since OB…(like 1 month so far)

      • cacalips on October 16, 2016

        And you get Crystals free for levelling up and signing in for a week. Crystals are cash points, only thing they get you gold can not are skins. For example: You have 5 custom skins. 3 you can buy with gold, 2 you can not. The difference? Nothing bug, like BLue vs green XD…

  3. cacalips on October 15, 2016

    Worst FPS community. Seriously, you cna play 10 hours a day and have nothing but 0/4 losses because the players have no idea how to play. Worst game ever.

    • Some bloke on October 15, 2016

      feelsbadman you have no luck at all mate, my history log is mixed with 4 losses and 4 wins and so on, there’s an ADD friend button you know, you can play with your party…

      • cacalips on October 16, 2016

        I have been lpaying EU (sometimes hop to US.CA) since OB. See my post above, I have unlcoked everything, but yeah…mostly on lsoing EXP and gold LOL. The kids are stupid. I even saw a guy run right off a cliff. I had EXACTLY 3 MATCHES that were neck to neck 3/4 v 3/4 …THREE only in entire history of playing (I play 4 to 8 hours a day; noons and evenings). OH! And I do end up on winnign teams it feels cheap. 4/0 WE WIN, no challange. again, worst FPS community. Or just bad mechanics as I have never played a game like this (overwatch etc)… I asked “what were you thinking”? And response: “Look I got high damage ” face palm.

    • zabi on October 15, 2016

      Dont worry. Those kind of ppl are in overwatch as well. But i guess, paladin being f2p it would have more dumb ppl.

      • ASD on October 16, 2016

        At least with overwatch the buy 2 play model limits them since not everyone can afford it. And I find it funny how alot of people are ignoring the 40 dollar overwatch and saying get the 60 dollar one. I know it comes with some stuff for the other games but not everyone want’s those other DLC if you just want the game only get it for 40 dollars. I tried telling people this and they thought I was crazy lmfao.

  4. ASD on October 15, 2016

    Finally a character that isn’t a clone from overwatch.

    • Shy on October 15, 2016

      Ying, Grover, Skye, Bomb King, Buck, Evie? Other character may have a few similar abilities, but I don’t think that they are carbon copies of OW characters lol.

    • ASD on October 15, 2016

      Actually they have copied some of overwatch with similar character carbon copies but not exact and similar abilities. I think blizzard should sue.

    • Onara Gorou on October 15, 2016

      They may be alike, but Paladins CBT was before Overwatch even had screenshots.

    • ASD on October 15, 2016

      Nah overwatch was around before paladins.

      • Anon on October 15, 2016

        LOL. Blizzard should definitely sue. Yup. If that is how logic works then Valve should sue Blizzard since there are some carbon copies between the two, but Overwatch is the only one that is allowed to use these things though so Blizzard should sue Valve instead.

        • Onara Gorou on October 16, 2016

          If there was any reason to sue HiRez, they would have done it already.

        • ASD on October 16, 2016

          I guess Onara Gouru but I’m not just saying this to be a hater but I really see some things similar in paladins from overwatch it’s clear theres some similar character carbon copies you would know if you played both of them.

      • ASD on October 15, 2016

        I don’t get why valve has any reason to sue. I’m just saying paladins is obviously cloning some things from overwatch.