What’s better than getting rewards for playing a game? Getting “more rewards, faster.” That’s how the Paragon dev team says its revamp of the Mastery system and overall progression will go after its v42 update goes live.

Instead of one long Mastery loop, running from levels 1-10, you’ll have a bunch of repeatable loops from 1 to 10 that give you Chest rewards about once every three games. After you hit Mastery level 10, you can “Prestige” to the next level for more rewards.

With a new reward system understandably comes changes to old rewards, and in this case, you’ll need to spend your Coins now if you want the current rewards. After v42 goes live, Chests will contain Cards and Gems. Open your Chests now or save them for later, depending on which set of rewards you want to receive.

Learn more about Paragon’s changes to progression on the game’s website.

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  1. If you don’t like mobas that’s fine. But every time mmobomb post about a moba trionisshit literally copies and paste that same response. Lel. My opinion is the game is really fun, I hope the rework for the card system is actually good. A new game mode would be really good for the game too. Maybe like a smite arena but with ledges and stuff, more vertically than sites arena.

  2. Get it thru your heads what ” beta ” means ingame.
    Paragon will become big belive me.
    In a year or two.
    Maybe sooner šŸ˜‰

  3. Gameplay is boring, just another generic one map pvp over and over and oer, zero rpg elements, everyoen have same builds, you no prpgtess, boring character leveling inside march, copy paste tactics and again and again and again same… uninstalled almost year ago and nothing new just few new characters , minor balance and bug fixes.

    • complains about a MOBA not having RPG elemts in it.
      still, “evryone have same builds” – so wrong.. “you no prpgtess” wrong.
      “,copy paste tactics and again and again and again same” you mean kill mobs,enemies, push lanes, do objectives like buffs,towers and inhibs? well thats intended my boi.
      no offense but you seem to be dumb, dumb enough to hurt other ppl when they read your shit. and im not even trying to protect this game. its a moba like the rest


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