Perfect World Entertainment announced the launch of a new charity program today. Named “Perfect World Level Up”, the program is intended to benefit America’s youth, beginning with a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Since the initiative’s launch coincides with the 11th Anniversary of Star Trek Online, Perfect World (in conjunction with Cryptic Studios and ViacomCBS) have joined forces with the Boys & Girls Club to run a charity drive on Groupees. Fans of PWE games will be familiar with this process, which offers players game bundles at varying prices to purchase, with the proceeds going to the charity of choice.

This time, the offerings are STO specific and include two bundles. The first is a $2 bundle containing the Black Alert Tribble and a “Charitable” title. The second is a larger bundle containing everything in the first plus the following:

  • Cross Faction Command Dreadnought Cruiser Bundle
  • 1 Gold Tech Upgrade
  • 1 Fleet Ship Module

There are a limited number of keys for the larger bundle depending on what platform you’re on. If you play on PC, you’re going to want to go ahead and grab the larger Tier 2 bundle ASAP, because the amount of available keys dropped by 200 while I was writing this.

In addition to the bundles, the charity program does offer other ways to support the Boys & Girls Club of America. One is to head to the charity site and enter to win a $250 SteelSeries gift card as well as one of the bundles.


  1. FYI for those that donated to get the Tier 2 bundle: the Tier 2 code will unlock Tier 1 AND Tier 2 items. The Tier 1 code is now a bonus and can be given away or traded.


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