Crimson Games has announced that it is moving its MMO-SLG (simulation game), Pirate Crusaders, into a closed beta phase for further testing. Pirate Crusaders is a browser based game that tasks players with commanding their fleet of ships in turn based simulation combat.

Pirate Crusaders has content on both the PvE and PvP ends of the spectrum with dungeon battles and a boat manufacturing system on the PvE side of things, and Territory Occupation and Guild Battles for the more PvP oriented crowd.

I reached out to the Pirate Crusaders team and asked what their moentization model entailed. I’ll include their answer here so you can get a feel for what to expect in game:

The game doesn’t require any purchase, since it’s a free game with Item Mall; any player can get the game just logging in the website; the items for sale are mainly special potions, equipment and some essentials to the gameplay.

You can check out Pirate Crusaders here.

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  1. “Essentials” can entail oh-so-many things so.. this literally tells you nothing.
    But i guess i should have stopped reading at the “EQUIPMENT ” part anyway.

  2. This game has a few names…. it seems when I last played, to be just one of those games that you click here click there and not actually do much even though you think your “doing” or maybe enjoying it it soon becomes apparent that your not really doing anything at all.


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