Daybreak Game Company released an update for Planetside 2 this week that not only enhances the game’s cheating detection, but also makes it a bit easier (and cheaper!) to work their way through Construction purchases. First up, the free-to-play shooter now has Construction purchases that unlock across all factions. Now when you buy construction items with Daybreak Cash you’ll unlock the items across all factions. Since this makes purchases cheaper for players going forward, Daybreak has also decided to go back and issue refunds to users for Daybreak Cash they may have previously spent on duplicate items. In addition, bypassing construction object Cortium costs will now require certifications, instead of Daybreak Cash.

On the gameplay side of things, Planetside 2 will now use BattlEye, a service aimed at reducing cheating. This service is being used in addition to all the other measures Daybreak already employs to keep everything as above board as possible.

The update also comes with a slew of new construction items, tweaks, and more. Check out the patch notes for all the details.

Thanks to MMOBomber Degenatron for the tip!

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    • Yes there are still plenty of players online. I won’t bullshit you though, it’s a lot less than when the game started. But the players who are left, like myself, are the hardcore die-hards who really love the game. And I’ve been seeing a lot of new players in-game, I just don’t know if they stick around. It is one of the hardest, most brutal FPSs to get into.

      On the Dev side, DBG has redistributed some of their talent back into Planetside after a long “loan” of personnel to the H1Z1 projects. Their return has already created a dramatic up-tick in content and game patching. About a month ago, DBG updated the code-base of PS2 to the latest MS Visual Studio which brought PS2 up to the level of all of the other games worked on by DBG. I’m pretty sure that was a big step in getting Battleye integration too.

      On the surface it’s still good ol’ Planetside, but iunder the hood it’s gone through a LOT of changes and upgrades in the last year.


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