Planetside 2’s War Correspondent series, which gives players journalist Robert Stoneman’s perspective of the wars within the battlegrounds of the game, has released another addition to the saga. A struggle for glory coming from the Indar and Amerish zones portrays the anarchy of war, with no promises of reconciliation.

Robert captures an ambush from new conglomerate special forces, the invasion of frontlines, an uphill struggle, and a moon lit battle flashing in the nights sky. Every heart wrenching second of this narrated and documented testament to the abyssal demise of war is enough to make even the hardest veteran shudder.

Robert signed off, stating “It’s all out war here on our Auraxis, and with all factions deep and divided, the prospect of peace is a long way off.”

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. This is one of the most shitiest FPS on the market. They do heavy investment in marketing and stupid videos like this that have NOTHING to do in game experience. I remember one video they show ATVs launching off a ramp, landing on a heavy transport and doing other “oh wow look at all that freedom and cool stuff to do in game!” propaganda.
    Even the loading client shows an assault troop hanging on the windshield of the heavy transport shooting in the windshield as if you have these “open ability” close encounter possibility….yeahhhhhhh noooooooo.
    In game you start in a disco like area with 50 AFKERS. The only squads are pilots that just fly around the large man transports. It takes an aerage of 12 min for some one to get in, and they wont fly until all slots are full. 12 x number of seats = allot of AFK base turds.
    So you end up soloing or attempting to follow the “group movement” Which is just instant in to one place, run to the door way, just shoot down the corridors, cap base, rinse and repeat. The winner? Skill. Out the window. Number of log ins wins the map. I soloed 90 percent map one day when population was low.
    YOu would think all that world space serves a purpose. Nope. Hiher ground gives no advantage. Wood plank is the same as stone is the same as anything. It is clunky to move around them and can’t go prone so just mechanics to move here, group up, move there.
    Bullet physics..nay, LASER physics since all guns are like star wars guns. Just laser balsts. I tested a mounted “.50 cal” gun on a troop on an ATV lol. The ATV serves like a armor so you have to wait for vehicle armor to drop then the body shots count. Takes a cull truck mounted round…Rendering it next to useless. SO yeah…About shooting into the glass of a jet??? what was up with that image SONY??? See, they know how to market, they suck at the actual game. You fall for “illusion” of a game you THINK You are playing. And you pay thinking something bigger and better comes. That only thing that comes are OP weapons to push the hall way zerg.
    Mix in hackers, abusers, etc. And you are 100% better off not even installing. Although it is not open world FPS, a better F2P title would bee Warframe. But I Regress, comparing apples and oranges. Still wondering if Planetside 1 will go F2P…still charging people XD XD XD. Suckers. I should put crap in a box, and paste cool looking images on it and tell you it is pizza. See if you eat it.

  2. 1.) That’s a miss quote, he said. “It’s all out war here on Auraxis, and with all factions deeply divided the prospect of peace is a long way off.” Small thing but if you quote, do it right.

    2.) Clearly you don’t play the game, or you’re just trolling. The factions, their equipment, and even their communities are very different. There are common vehicles and weapons but each faction has their own unique play style. Also, this is not a P2W by any stretch of the imagination, it’s pay to get the fancy guns faster, but there is nothing you need to kick ass that you can’t get from playing the game F2P, the only thing you can buy is cosmetic, or short cuts to gear. “everything from soe is shit!” opinion noted, but just because you don’t like titles like EQ apparently doesn’t change their massive, and lasting popularity. Troll fail.

  3. Shit pay to win game, idea is good but gameplay sux, so boring, al lfactions are same, all units also almost the same, everything from soe is shit!

      • I would have to say this is one of the better f2p fps’s to date. After playing for little under a week I was able to get all of the guns and equipment I wanted with out having to pay a dime and even if you did buy the guns straight out you can get owned by a newb with standard gear just as easily as you would a high ranking player with paid guns. It’s highly skilled based and never felt that another player was vastly more supiror to me because of there paid items but that’s just imo.

        • Yeah, the paid weapons are always the non-paid weapons with a default skin. Nothing changes. You can buy a crossbow for 1000 certs but there’s versions that can only be bought with cash and the only thing that changes is the default skin (which doesn’t exist in the shop).


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