Mogloween, a tradition in Artix Entertainment’s MMOs, is coming to Adventure Quest 3D. The event will be a small one this time — being the first for the new MMO — but has been designed to be built upon in coming years.

As with other Mogloween events, this one will feature the enchanted Cauldron, Myx. Only rather than being property of the Cauldron Sisters, this Myx is a servant of the evil Hallows Eve (otherwise simply called Eve). Eve, Myx, and other servants of hers reside in the Terror Dimension, a terrifying place that opens up to the world of AQ3D during Mogloween via a portal shaped like a haunted house.


During this time, Eve and her servants will attempt to generate fear in order to create a permanent link between dimensions, enter the regular world, and take over.

Of course, it’s up to the players to prevent this.

At present, a date for the event hasn’t been revealed, but according to a developer’s reply to the question of “when,” it will likely be earlier than Halloween itself.

In addition to the Mogloween announcement, Artix Entertainment also revealed that they are nearing a launch for the Android Closed Beta tests. More information on this will be available at a later date.

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    • I should know I been beta testing since the tech demo phase and I looked into the closed demo phase and it’s really awful. It looks like a college project or a crappy version of World of warcraft. And it’s clear they are gonna turn it into a cash cow I’ve seen how badly they abused the micro currency and cash shop. But yeah not worth it and event’s won’t be worth it especially if you gotta buy keys for micro currency or wait for keys to recharge since it’s what they are planning to do.

      • Strong opinion and you should State it as such. I’m having a grand time grinding to lvl 15. Kinda disappointed seeing someone who’s been involved in this hating on it before the games even released. Imo wow just made a super cliche mmo and cashed out on its simplicity and allure for people that have never played an mmo, I’m sure wow was crap during closed testing and they probably even charged there testers with the way it was early on.

        • Also I’ve read the interviews adam bohan (artix) did and that made my joy for this game die real fast. Releasing 60+ classes and doing weekly content releases is what made me quit AQWorlds they lost originality with it somepoint between 2011-2014 and it got even worse when the chaos saga ended in my opinion.

      • Blizzard probably did charge money to get into the closed beta for World of warcraft and offered chances to get in for free. But I admit I was excited in the beginning but AE killed my excitement for this game and all their previous games. I’m only commenting to give my experiences about this game since I don’t see much negative or critical reviews since people so enjoy AE I’ve pointing out the flaws so people know about them. I’d tell AE on their forums but their forums is heavily restricted you can’t even make a legit post without the forum mods getting mad. But I’m mostly a PC gamer and soon as this game turned into a grindy paid 2 win mobile game it killed it for me and I stopped playing AE games I’m just checking in on it till release since I’m curious how it will go.

        • This is constructive critisism and AE and a majority of their hardcore fans don’t seem to like it for somereason and some even gave me hate for talking about AE with constructive critisism. I don’t hate AE I’m just pointing out the flaws so people know about them to be helpful.


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