Project: Theralon is a new free to play 3D sandbox MMORPG developed by Infernum and powered by CryEngine 3. The game is a prototype, a work in progress that will evolve, but already features some interesting ideas like city building, aerial combat, a system with a secondary character, beautiful graphics, the option to run the game via browser or client and much more. With only two months of development it’s impressive. Keep an eye on this game.

For more information about Project: Theralon visit

(EDIT: I received a wrong figure during the meeting, the prototype was built in 6 months actually, not 2)


  1. Ok the looks isn’t to bad and the fact that it’s has the CryEngine3 too is a plus in my mind ,and yes that is just me . I’m wondering if the characters are just all male or both male and female .Hate it when games make it just one or the other . But again that is me too. Can’t wait to really have a chance to give this a check out and to play it too . Keeping my eyes upon this one for now along with several others too coming in time .;-)

  2. So the game obviously LOOKS nice, but it doesnt have any defining gameplay characteristics that would make this game a hit, at least not from what I can tell from the video. So you can ride a dragon big woop, I assume that you wont use it 24?7 so give me gameplay that’ll really interest me.

  3. It’s an impressive amount of work that they have done, but it wasn’t ready for a showcase yet. But on the other hand, anything with the word SANDBOX attached to it has my complete attention.

    I have subscribed to it’s updates.

  4. Wow, that did THAT in a couple months!!! WOW!
    This is impressive. I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    I’ll be hopping in and out of GW2 to play this game, hopefully.

  5. wth,,,guys are brutal, did we not just read ,its only 2 months into it ,look great ,,maybe a gw2 killer,,id play it ,mite even spent some $ on it . abd cryengine 3 means better stuff will come later ,they can upgrade more for future stuff. a da-bomb from me .

  6. i’d like to see something else than big 2h axes and dragons in a gameplay trailer. Story is very important in a mmo (personal opinion) and i feel like it’s always the same in a new gameplay trailer. Be original for once please!

  7. Doesn’t look all that bad… but for heaven’s sake it’s CryEngine 3… I mean… Really?

    Does a game like this really need CryEngine 3 just for fancy visuals? (which again… aren’t that nice looking compared to other CryEngine games… but it may be jsut the poor quaility of the video… it’s a cam feature after all )

    On my opinion though this game and the similar tries could be more popular with an own engine which is adjusted to the game’s and the developers’ demands. It would lead to a more unique experience and would help them stand out a bit more from the crowd.

    • CryEngine 3 isn’t just fancy graphics. It has insane real-time terrain modification for example. You can make a sick Minecraft with that engine. If the game plans to have terrain that players can raise, lower, drill or destroy than CryEngine is the way to go.

      In any case, if they were making their own engine, in 2 months time they would still be at the drawing board and not showcasing the game.

  8. Looks interesting, nice artwork, looks fast paced. Thank god it’s not made by an Asian developer, otherwise it would be another anime MMORPG.


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