When it comes to fighting off never-ending evil, anything that will help is welcome. So, it’s very likely that the ARKS of Phantasy Star Online 2 are more than happy to have some of the gear used by Nier: Automata’s Resistance. Or, at least the players will be, because, if nothing else, it all looks very cool.

Today, Sega introduced new Nier: Automata Collaberation Packs to PSO2. There are three packs in all available in the store. All of them introduce a selection of cosmetic items including weapon and mag skins, outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and more.

Each pack runs $35, so if you want them all, you’re going to be spending some serious money. Perhaps you should consider it an early Christmas present to yourself. It will definitely have to be early though, because the packs will leave the store on November 11.

Oh, yes, and we can’t forget Halloween, which apparently the ARKS picked up on while hanging out around Earth. So, it’s only natural that they’d decide to celebrate. Starting tomorrow, October 14, the Halloween event will kick off. Things will start with the ship gateway areas being given a spooky makeover. But that’s not all. There’s also a limited-time Trick or Treat urgent quest. In this urgent quest, players will need to help clear an area on Lillipa so it can be prepared for a party.

If that’s not enough festivities for you, you can also hang out at Franca’s Cafe while enjoying some fireworks. Just watch out for ghosts.

Even the Rappyies are getting a new look for the holiday. Apparently someone told them about Jack-o-lanterns and witch costumes. If you’re lucky enough to run across some, you’ll be able to earn some sweet rewards.

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