Back in November, we told you about the formation of Redhill Games, a Helsinki, Finland-based games studio founded by former Wargaming executive Matias Myllyrinne. The company’s goal was to “focus on free-to-play tactical shooters and ongoing games-as-a-service titles.” Now they’ll have a lot more money to help realize that vision.

Redhill has secured an additional $11.4 million in financing from an investment round led by Makers Fund and Play Ventures, with additional financing from Kowloon Nights. Makers Fund has invested in a lengthy list of game companies, while Play Ventures invests in “the most promising mobile and PC free-to-play game studios and games services startups that are looking for more than just money.” As of last September, Kowloon Nights had invested in 10 titles, including Darwin Project and upcoming titles from Counterplay Games (Duelyst) and Fumito Ueda (The Last Guardian).

As Myllyrinne told GameDaily, the additional funding will help his team deliver a game that will “compete at the same level as AAA” and “marry the look and feel of that kind of game with a free-to-play, games-as-a-service experience, combining the superpowers of both game types into one.” Redhill can now “move forward aggressively” on development of that game, though we may not hear anything solid about the game until next year.


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