Among the races coming to Revelation Online are a fox/human hybrid known simply as the Foxes. Featuring large foxy ears, the Foxes are only outwardly identifiable by their floofy ears.

The Foxes have a unique ability allowing them to transform into animals. They also boast the ability to put others to sleep — apparently against their own will. They’re also a race of tricksters, although they’re not malevolent.

Players who increase their favor with the Fox faction will be rewarded with accessories designed to make them look like a Fox warg. If you’d like to read the full profile on the Foxes, you can do so on the RO site.

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  1. Tsandsoup on January 15, 2017

    This website is just like reddit full of little horny and angry children that got nothing better to do than to say shit about games they didnt even try :/

  2. trionisshit on January 4, 2017

    Copy paste asian mmo, outdated looks, ugly pokemon faces baloon like mobs and kid chars with huge boobs, nothing new AND TONNS OF USELESS ITEMS u always will be full of junk so preper ur real cash for countless backpacks!

  3. Not really MMO fan anymore on January 2, 2017

    I don’t really play MMOs but I checked out revelation online. Not a huge fan of it but this fox racing thing sounds awesome and interesting. I wish more MMOs had more interesting things like this instead of boring grinding and quest here and quest there and ect by following the story arc. I mean I know your supose to follow a story arc but throw in a few special arcs that aren’t apart of the story that we can do but aren’t required or something make MMOs more interesting to make people wanna come back.

    • Nix on January 2, 2017

      Were you paid to say all that? It doesn’t reflect reality. There is nothing original or unique about it.

    • Preciel on January 2, 2017

      there is nothing original about it, it’s a typical cash grab chinese rip off that tries hard to be like a korean mmo

      how much do you get paid to say this? i could use some easy money from spitting out false, lol

    • Not really mmo fan anymore on January 2, 2017

      No? And I know it doesn’t reflect reality I’m just putting in a few of my thoughts on what I think about this article because this is a review site about MMO games 🙂

      • Curst on January 3, 2017

        There’s a very large amount of side activities in Revelation. An overwhelming amount Randomly occuring “world quests”, faction quests, trials of the gods, parkour quests, exploration quests, lore / world building quests, etc.

        They are fairly varied in nature and you can’t do most of them more than 1-3 times a day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into a grind if you want to. Doesn’t mean that western audience is going to find them particularly interesting either.

      • Not really MMO fan anymore on January 3, 2017

        Maybe not curst but I know I will this fox racing sounds neat to me.

    • LAMBDA471 on January 3, 2017

      And Revelation Online isn’t a grinding MMO? And a race of a little girl with animal ears is very original?

      Revelation Online is just a 2006-like Chinese MMO, but more modernized – instead of having dialogue windows with characters with no voice acting like a visual novel, it’s in-game real time cinematics and voice acting, which at this point is in Chinese and still requires you to read text, so not much different.

      At least in Chinese MMOs from 2006 if you even bothered to read the text, you had to use your imagination to picture the events, which was actually better.

      There was one game by Perfect World Entertainment, it was called Heroes of Three Kingdoms and while it looks primitive now, I’d choose to play it over Revelation Online, too bad they shut it down, it was really an awesome experience.

      With Revelation Online you get useless mounts, mostly because of the wings so what’s the point in collecting vanity mounts if they don’t fly? And there is a motorbike mount… that’s disgusting.

      • Not really MMO fan anymore on January 3, 2017

        Wtf for real? In a fantasy MMO I don’t get what a developer is thinking of putting a motorbike in there I seen some fantasy MMOs with motorbike mounts. It’s just like wtf does a motorbike mount have to do with the fantasy time period get it right geeze. But I do like mounts but I’d like one land mount and one flying mount. I never said a race of a little girl with animal ears is very original or revelation online is a grinding MMO just to point that out. I guess people misunderstood what I ment but oh well.

        • Preciel on January 3, 2017

          it’s great to know you’re gonna get alot of bonus pay for defending this game, what a nice part time job you got there but it’s only a matter of time that people will leave this game anyways

          • Curst on January 4, 2017

            It’s just as easy to assume that you were payed by their competition to talk shirt about this game. The only difference here is that I have enough sense not to, and you don’t. -_-

          • LAMBDA471 on January 4, 2017

            I would defend Ghost in the Shell First Assault, because I’ve played it since day one, although I’m really annoyed by it, and sometimes I hate it, I still wish it will grow into a great game. So if I were to defend it, that doesn’t mean I’m getting paid.

            If people were getting paid to defend games, then there will be no trolls, because all trolls will be paid to defend something and eventually grow out of being trolls and the online community will be next to no toxic at all.

          • Not really MMO fan anymore on January 4, 2017

            Now that is one thing I would agree with. Ghost in the shell first assault is awesome. I’ve played it and the only thing I’m annoyed about is that nexon has it otherwise it’s a great game.

        • Not really MMO fan anymore on January 4, 2017

          Oh I wasn’t paid anythng and I’m not talking bad or good about this game. Like I said I guess you guys just are misunderstanding what I ment but I don’t think you even will so I’m just gonna drop the subject.

          • death to the system on January 6, 2017

            all of you fighting each other while the devs are laughing at us they dont give a shit what we think about their games they work on a f*** rich company theyre known theyre recognized wherever they go all you guys really think arguing in a 3 hand site will solve the problem? pfff please seriously all of you are wasting time and words here if all of you want to make a mmo like this fall you need a entire ”army” of people who dont want a company or a mmo like this and make that happen takes time,all of you need to make something like in black desert a virtual protest for maybe MAYBE works,but like this whole planet is fucking big and have billion of people inside we just need to wait some badass company make a better mmorpg than revelation online where all the people will see ”oooow a new mmo with new features,new combat system,and game this game is not a lie this is finally legit the game really works well and etc” until then good luck arguing with a ”future simple-copy-paste-pay2win mmo”