A recent post by the team gives players a peek at what they can expect when it comes to gear in the game. The post gives an overview of a variety of elements associated with in-game gear, including class restrictions, quality levels, and stats.

As with many MMOs, specific types of gear are available only for certain classes. There are three kinds of armor: cloth, leather, and plate armor. Cloth is worn by Swordmages and Spiritshapers, leather by Gunslingers and Occultists, and Vangaurds and Blademasters take the plate. Each class is also given its own very specific weapons.

There are 5 gear levels — indicated by color, as with other games. Different quality items are earned by completing different tasks. For example, green are earned from killing mobs in the open world and dungeons while violet items are earned by killing bosses. Gold gear is obtained using honor points or Order of the Guardians’ reputation points.

Players also have the ability to create their own gold gear later on in the game. This gear will have higher stats than regular gold gear.

Speaking of stats, characters have 5 basic stats: agility, energy, intellect, stamina, and strength as well as 33 “secondary parameters”. Gear provides bonuses to both stats and parameters, meaning players will want to select their equipment carefully.

For the most part, Revelation Online’s gear system sounds fairly familiar — with perhaps a few tweaks. You can read the full blog post on the Revelation Online site.

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  1. revelation online just seems like its going to be another trash korean game full of RNG then more RNG and wait theres more RNG they never learn yet bring out the same game designs that always fail over in the west look at BDO too much RNG now the game is a ghost town, when will these idiot korean devs even learn ?

  2. i don’t really care that much but:
    “Gold gear is obtained using honor points or Order of the Guardians’ reputation points.”
    and let me remind you people who says this game is not p2w: u get 30% extra guardians’ reputation points with premium scrolls.
    also what hasn’t been addressed here, you can upgrade each item piece from green up to gold with crafting, so bad luck and ninja looter may not stop you from getting best gear

    • I thought the same. I am hyped for this so I installed MY.COM launcher, thought: “Ok, may as well support and play Skyforge”. It is bad. LIKE REALLY bad. There is a good Reddit guide on how to play this game, how prestige, and gear, and advancements work. It is ALL conterintuitive. The higher you go, the worse you gimp yourself. It forces you to stay in small gaming sessions to farm out certain points and never upgrade until the right moments. It is stale map and game play and In the end, I left. It is the DEFINITION of Contrerintuitif.
      I kept the launcher though for when REV launches 🙂 Super hyped, if fuks it up..I quit mmorpgs lol

      • Might as well quit now then. I really want to play this game, because it looks awesome and the gameplay is very promising. Too bad it just has a terrible publisher taking care of it…. So I keep my hopes to a minimum and just pray that the game doesn’t turn shit, instead of “bad”.

  3. I really love the game so far. Hopefully they keep up the good work and not push cash shops on the playerbase or go pay 2 win because this game looks like it has potential.


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