It’s time to explore 1,600 years of Nuanor history. Today, My.Games dropped the biggest expansion ever for Revelation Online, expanding on the game’s story with the War of the Wardens, and adding a 10-Player Raid, new class abilities, and even cross-server marriage. The expansion introduces the War of the Wardens storyline, which allows players to travel through time and space in order to help the Wardens uncover the secrets of the city of the Demon Gods.

And the City of the Demon Gods is exactly where players will be headed in the new 10-player raid. In this instanced-based dungeon, raiders will battle eldritch horrors and demons, including five new bosses. Need a bit of help in combat? There’s good news there, too. The update adds three new companions for players to take with them on their journey through Voras: Sky, Aniya, and Yue Zhang.

The expansion also updates the game’s achievements system with an improved UI and a tab showing which rewards remain unclaimed. Speaking of improvements, the game’s interface and tutorial have received some work as well. And, of course, there are quality of life improvements.

Finally, as mentioned above, players can now take part in cross-server weddings. They’ll be able to get married in the Crystalline Palace and invite friends from any server.

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